Why wait for the last dance..




Gently place your left hand on her back near her waist. This shows you support her, and won’t let her fall. Pick up her hand now and place it in yours, hold it tight enough to show your strength yet loose enough for her hand to grow. No matter how awkward you feel don’t ever let go. Pull her towards you and Dad, you lean in too. Holding her close she feels protected and accepted. You take the lead Dad, show her the way. Lead her and guide her, so she won’t ever stray. Now look at her face, just stare for a while. Be amazed of her wisdom and in awe of her beauty. Smile at her, laugh with her, say  “I LOVE YOU”. Get lost in her eyes, Dad don’t be so rushed. You want this to last, there’s no need to hurry the time goes by fast. The more comfortable she is in your arms the more confident she will be in herself.

daddys little girl

Don’t just be present Dad be a MAJOR part in her life. Be the standard that she will use for others to measure up to.  Don’t wait and wonder where has the time gone. Give your time and your best to those things that hold value. Be her dance partner Dad she’s your little girl. Be her dance partner up to that last dance.


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