Is the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person at the expense of another. Take into consideration that by showing favoritism to one gifted employee will not guarantee their commitment to you. Eventually they will want more for less because this is the relationship they have with you. A relationship based on fear, fear of losing that employee so you give him what he wants like some spoiled unruly toddler, who now has you wrapped around his little finger, instead of a relationship based on respect, commitment and honor. Don’t risk losing the trust and respect from the rest of your team, by lowering your standards for teamwork, that you have worked so hard to obtain, just to please one impudent player for fear of losing him. This would be reckless and may cause an even greater loss. Because the surest way to drive great employees away is by apologizing for the coworker who acts like a jerk that you have shown favoritism towards and allowing the team to feel the pain of having to work with him. Wise up big bosses the more you genuinely care about the challenges your team has to face, the more your team will become motivated, happy team produces happy results!


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