Guard your heart..

If a man offered you $200 to purchase a very valuable necklace that you already marked down to $400, hike the price to its value of $800. If the man insists you sell it for cheaper, stick to your price, don’t lower your price for fear you may not have another offer.  In the end if he truly wants it because he recognizes the value and beauty of it, he will pay $800. Trust me, when he takes that necklace home, he will treat it like an $800 piece of jewelry because he paid a high price for it, and will take very good care of it. Had he have purchased it for the $200, he would have treated it as jewelry that it was, low in price and low in value.

Relationships are the same, in the kind of treatment we receive from people is related to how we sell ourselves. If we sell ourselves cheaply, people will treat us cheaply. We are the ones who decide if we will have a sense of personal self- worth that no one can bargain with.

Ladies, if you claim with your mouth that you belong to Jesus, THE King of Kings, then have it written on your hearts, to be proven with your actions.

Gentlemen, same goes for you, if that woman’s lips claim she belongs to the King, and turns her back on Him, and throws herself at you? Then, who would she be willing to throw herself at, when she belongs to you, you better run son…..

Guard Your Heart


2 thoughts on “Guard your heart..

  1. Sis says:

    I have trouble connecting this idea to humility and being a servant. I know both were true for Christ, but how do we make both true for ourselves as women?

    • i need a mom says:

      As a child of God, we recognize how great and awesome God is. The closer we get to Him, the closer we are to the light that exposes our sin. The more we can see how pure and holy He is, and how unholy we are. So, in this we naturally are humbled by His love and acceptance of us unconditionally. We walk in humility, knowing that we don’t deserve this great love, knowing that this blood that covers us is the only good thing in us. It is Him who makes us holy and pure and acceptable. At the same time, since it is no longer our life but His, since we have been purchase by a price. So, the value we have for our self is that which belongs to God. Now, if a single woman truly understands this and claims to walk as His, she must understand that this is proven through her actions. She will value herself because of the price that was paid for her life. When a gentleman shows interest some women tend to forget that they are not their own but His, whom they have vowed purity until they get married. So, in a heartbeat they forget their vow, their value and the price paid, and they choose out of emotion to give their bodies to this man without a marriage commitment. Its sad because later they feel horrible and depressed. I notice some people claim to live for God but on the inside don’t understand what it means, they think if they say it then it must be. But, when temptation comes, their actions prove differently. They made a verbal decision to honor God, but not a heart decision. Unfortunately it isn’t until its too late that they learn they were only fooling themselves. Some people want so much to be, so they talk about it so much so others will hear and believe that they are, when in reality they are trying to convince themselves that they are because they don’t feel it. They just made an emotional connection but not a heart connection… Praying and reading the word of God brings wisdom. Many people know so much, by hearing and reading but never applying. So, they become educated beyond their obedience. Acting on the Word brings change and strength and wisdom. Wisdom is knowing what to do with all that we know.

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