Can you handle the truth?

Constructive criticism, is something we all need. But the question is, can we handle the truth? Every mature Parent/Manager/Leader should ask for it from their children/employees/disciples.  A confident leader who is certain that he is putting his whole heart into the mission, will want to know how they are doing. A self-centered, insecure Leader/Manager/Parent, wont want to know. In fact they may not even finish reading this post. This could be the root of the problem, of decrease in enthusiasm, lack of cooperation and low performance. If you want to be your best, ask for the constructive criticism. Ask them; “How do I hinder you?” “How can I be a better leader to you?” “What do you need from me to help you succeed?” If you ask these questions, be prepared, you may not be doing as great a job leading as you thought you were. The good news is, now that you have outwardly expressed concern for them ,you are on the right track, and  they are already gaining enthusiasm. Just knowing and feeling that they matter, will cause the performance level to increase! Health and happy Children/Employees/Disciples will do their best, and in the end we all win!


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