you choose…

When you get to a crossroad of emotions and you are not sure how to react to a painful situation. Make a choice to give the other person the benefit of the doubt, believe the best in them, and recognize who they are in your life and how much you love them. Then respond, with an open mind to hear what they have to say. Many people feel that when they face a possible offense or betrayal, that they have no choice but to assume the worst and then go off. But at some point you do have a choice, if you can choose to counter attack, then you can choose to call the brother up and respond in a respectful manner. Just because the other person has lowered themselves from living a respectful life, doesn’t mean you are required to follow. Be your own person, don’t be controlled and ruled by your emotions. Think first and come up with ways where you come out winning and still be an example to the other person.


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