Oh how the time flies….

This morning I was having coffee with an extraordinary young lady. As we sat there together enjoying the sun beaming into the huge window right next to our table. I looked at her as she peeked over her cup and smiled at me, oh she is so beautiful, her long dark wavy hair just draped over her shoulders. Her smile so warm and sincere and her voice so full of love and kindness and eyes that you can get lost in. I admire her strength as she carries herself with such grace and confidence. She speaks with maturity and wisdom beyond her years I could listen to her talk forever. As I ask myself who am I, that I could be so blessed to know her and to have won her respect and her love. I began to share with her all the remarkable qualities that she has and that I love so much about her. I describe to her how I see her and how convinced I am that God has such a life of greatness prepared for her. We both begin to get a little emotional, and I can feel the bond between us so permanent, so strong. My heart is elated by this beauty before me, yet broken by her well deserved independence. I told her I will always be there for her, sitting back watching her live her life as she follows her dreams and follows her God. I told her she will be an awesome Mom one day, and she responds with tears “I only hope to be as good a Mom as you are, Mommy”. Today my youngest of my treasure turned 18, I feel a sense of completeness a sense of honor in knowing it was me she chose to spend the first few hours with on this special day of hers. Today I celebrate you CeCe. Nothing is impossible for you. Happy Birthday my love.



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