dont just GO through it, but GROW through it..


I’m sitting here thinking about the past couple of days. I understand, sometimes no matter how much you try to avoid something from happening. And no matter how hard you try to make something happen. Not everything is within your control. Somethings will happen, or may not happen. If you are a child of God, He has your permission to move, to change, to shift and rearrange your life as He sees fit. No matter how unfair or how hard it seems, ultimately it’s for our good. Hard times don’t always come because of something that we have control of. Sometimes things happen because God is wanting to break something off of us. Some breakthroughs can only come from brokenness. so, in saying this I know, things don’t always necessarily happen TO US but, they happen FOR US. If we look at this in a positive way, and we refrain from asking God, WHY??? and instead ask Him, WHAT MUST I BECOME in this lesson of humility… then and ONLY then can this time of brokenness become a time of BLESSING…


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