Anger or Passion?

ANGER and PASSION always produce its kind. The difference between Anger and Passion are easy to detect. Anger is shallow, indirect and most of the time loud. It’s displayed with feeling and a tense facial expression and it always discourages. People leave the presence of ANGER, feeling torn down, burned out and ready to walk away! Passion is deep, excited, direct and sometimes loud. It’s displayed with feeling and relaxed facial expressions and always encourages. People leave the presence of Passion, feeling built up, on fire and sometimes ready to run!

So, how do you know which you are displaying? When you find yourself telling people not to confuse your Passion as Anger, what you’re really doing is redirecting the way they are interpreting your behavior, because of the look on their faces. If you cannot smile or laugh during this display of emotional energy, chances are YOU ARE ANGRY and those you are leading know it! The surest way to know is suddenly, everyone leaves.  You will just be an angry person taking a walk. Because you can not be a leader, if no one is following…

So, what should you do? Never speak when you are angry, take a walk and cool off. Don’t focus so much on what went wrong, but what went right! Keep in mind that people are more important than the project. Lastly, grow up, no one is perfect and neither are you, so honor the effort and move forward and meet the next morning over building the future by offering insightful evaluations coupled with positive suggestions.


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