Happiness is a choice..


It requires choosing to understand there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel. Choosing to see the good in every situation no matter how grim it seems. Choosing to be happy is not easy and it might even be the last thing you want to do. When bad things happen, when it seems nothing is going your way, sometimes you just want to give up and be mad. This is a natural reaction, but not a required reaction. You do have a choice, you can choose to be upset and allow it to ruin your day, or you can choose to be happy and if you do, it will make you a stronger and wiser person!  Choosing to take a positive mentality is hard and frustrating but well worth it in the end. Plus, if you choose to be positive, things usually turn out better than you would have imagined. Even if it doesn’t turn out how you wanted, your positive outlook will cause you to make the best out of the situation. Put a smile on your face, choose today to be happy, don’t allow any circumstance to rule over you and your emotions. Let your positive outlook rule over your circumstances…


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