Parties were the worst

Not having a Mom was hardest at Birthday parties. I always wanted to be dropped off early while all the other children arrived with their Moms. After every game the kids would run back to where their mom was sitting and I would stay there looking around. After we collected candies from the broken pinatas, the kids would run to show their mom but I would stand there feeling more broken than that piñata. All the moms would sit and eat cake next to their kid and I would pass because the knot in my stomach left no room for cake. The worst was the hot potato game because after each kid got out they ran to their moms arms and I was determined to win because I knew if I lost there were no arms to run to… has a Mom who has helped me with all this pain and then turn from it to look to my future, now I realize I cannot move forward while still looking back. Daily inspiration from a Mom is priceless. Thanks ineedamom love,Gabby


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