…something missing

People are on my mind, there are so many people all over the world who are young and older, male and female, married or divorced. Students, moms, lawyers, doctors, teachers and so on. They function day to day; most of them are very successful. They all have one thing in common. Deep down in the center of their heart there is a hole, a painful emptiness, it pierces every day. In the mix of the day, they laugh and work, think and pray, somehow, one way or another that pain comes back to remind them of the piece in their heart that is missing. They don’t tell anybody for fear of being laughed at or criticized, but its there, hidden in the quietness of their soul. It’s the love and acceptance from a Mother…

Ineedamom.info provides with a Mothers influence, point of view, and acceptance, but we cannot replace what a mother should have been to a child growing up. We cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can help with growth and guidance for the future.

Contact us today www.ineedamom.info, also view our blog www.ineedamom.wordpress.com, follow us on twitter@ineedamom


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