Dear children, I know for some of you the days are dark, it seems there is no way things will ever get better. I want to encourage you, what you are looking at Today Is not your destiny. There is hope for you and His name is Jesus. He will bring light into the dark places. Be patient, pray, and dare to believe in a God who hears your prayers.  He has plans for you, plans to prosper you, and to give you life! I’m praying for you.  Xoxo


One thought on “Darkness..

  1. mockingbird says:

    I wanted to write how this website has helped me and how much it has helped me. Actually most of my days were filled with darkness. My whole childhood was more or less dark. I was severely abused as a child. So much so that most psychologist were too afraid to work with me because most people don’t have so many different forms of abuse. So I had this dark childhood and no one that were willing to listen to me. A few weeks ago I was so depressed and I accidentily found this website. I am extremely grateful that I found this website. It has given me hope that there are still people out there that care about other people. It is great to be able to ask for advice and to just cry on someone’s shoulder. I was doubtful about miracles, but everyday I see more and more miracles and God amazes me more and more. So if you are one of those unlucky “winners” of a bad childhood, know that God can hear you when you pray, even when you are in the dark. But His time is perfect, so don’t EVER give up. Never stop fighting back and never stay on the ground. This website has given me hope and has taught me that I am not alone. I will recommend this website to anyone.If you feel alone and need someone to listen, I suggest you email Mom and know that someone who really cares will be there to guide you and give you advice. You are not alone in the dark anymore 🙂

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