The race of destruction


I was up all night reading emails from teens, young adults, men and women, who’s self worth is nothing, they are depressed, suicidal, functioning on the outside as a normal person while they die daily inside. These people have endured horrible neglect, rejection, betrayal, and verbal beatings from their mothers. They have learned to function with broken dreams, broken hearts, and a broken spirit. There is no light, no joy and no hope. These people feel alone in this big dark world, but the truth is, there are hundreds and thousands of other people who have suffered just like them and who have come to the end of themselves…  My goodness, I can’t help but to wonder, what on earth causes a Mother to become so desensitized to become so hard hearted and numb that she is capable of destroying her own children’s self esteem? What is it that causes her to hate her own child? The only thing that I can think of besides drugs and mental problems is hate. They grew up hated by their own mom or dad. They were told that they were a mistake, they should never have been born, they are ugly and stupid and that they would never amount to anything. So they grow up hearing how much they are hated and how they should be dead. Then as they are older and never having heard anything positive at all, they become adults who take the baton of hate from their parent and continue the beatings of hate. They hate themselves and begin to say the things they heard growing up, to themselves. If they somehow end up having a child, that child now is hated because they hate themselves and this child came out of them and so the hate is passed on to destroy another life. Abuse begins with hatred for ones self. It becomes a vicious cycle of verbal abuse, of neglect and of hate. This cannot go on, it must be stopped… We cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can change what happens in our future! You are not alone, we can do this together.


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