It didn’t matter what came against him, or how much his brothers hated him, or how bad he had been beaten, broken and left to die. It didn’t matter what accusations or labels were placed on him, it just didn’t matter. Nothing could alter or stop the plan, the destiny, the call that God had designed for his life. Every one of you are called to live a life of greatness. Keep moving towards that and let nothing hold you back from what rightfully belongs to you… Im praying for you


One thought on “Joseph..

  1. mockingbird says:

    Wow, Mom, I was so excited when you posted something about Joseph. Joseph is one of my favourite Bible stories, because it gives me hope that even someone like Joseph (and ME) can have a great life because God sometimes has a bigger plan than we can ever imagine. And Joseph was a dreamer too! So whenever I go through a hard time I sing the song from the musical and just put my own name in the place of Joseph’s name……maybe it is like my theme song: “Go, go , go Joseph! You know what they say? Hang on now Joseph, you will make it some day! Shalala Joseph, you’re doing fine! You and your dream-coat ahead of your time!” Thanks, Mom, for reminding me that God can use even someone like me! But then again you teach me that everyday! Thanks Mom!

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