The answer

The surest way to keep your kids from becoming whiners and complainers is so simple! I didn’t say EASY, i said SIMPLE. There are two things that you need to do to get rid of these annoying bad habits. I will give you the hardest one first since this could be a challenge. Self exam, lets start with an important question, Parents, do you tend to whine when you have to do something you don’t want to do? Think about it, what about when you have to go to the DMV? What about waiting in traffic or having to go to the dentist? How about just waking up early to go to work or to get the kids ready for school? Guess who is listening and LEARNING? 🙂 Now, do you complain when you don’t have enough money for the bills, when you forgot something and have to go back home to get it, when you see gas prices going up? I knew it:) guess who is listening and learning how to behave when things don’t go according to your desires. Well, now that we are aware that our kids habits are a reflection of our own, lets begin to break these habits. Here is what you will do; when things get off OUR plan we will think, before we speak. We catch it, and turn it around. Example; WOW THERE IS SO MUCH TRAFFIC, it shouldn’t be too bad… we’ll get there in no time! I know this sounds corny but listen, wouldn’t you love to hear your kid say WOW IT’S TRASH DAY AGAIN?  well, it will only take me a minute to take out, I’ll be right back! 🙂 maybe they won’t say it out loud but in their head the thoughts will be more positive. So, do the same with both complaining and whining. Now for the easy step; sit down with the kids for a family meeting. Tell the kids this; IT APPEARS WE HAVE DEVELOPED SOME BAD HABITS IN THIS FAMILY (smile) WHINING AND COMPLAINING..WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF THEM INCLUDING ME. NOW, CAN ANYONE GIVE ME AN EXAMPLE OF COMPLAINING? (make it fun, imitate each other how they complained about something recently) OK SO I HAVE ALLOWED THIS FOREVER BUT NO MORE. IT STOPS TODAY, WE ARE GOING TO BREAK THESE HABITS AND BE OUR BEST! also to make it fun you can tell them to do the shhh sign, with the pointer finger over the puckered lips, to who ever they catch forgetting the new rule. If they catch you breaking the new rules, congratulate them for having good observing ears!  Tell them it will be difficult at first but it’s possible! You can give it a month to break the habit after that then they will experience discipline for complaining or whining. Be creative and make it fun, home life should be fun! 


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