Mom’s world


While shopping at Target the other day, I noticed a Mom pushing a cart with a 3 yr old standing inside and two other children walking along side. I could see them coming from the other end of the isle. Mom was shopping, the toddler was screaming and it appears as though Mom was ignoring him because he was fussing about some toy he wanted. As they got closer I noticed the young girl was crying because the toddler was pulling her hair, he wanted what was in her hand. The other youngster was whining that Mom never buys him anything! so, Mom begins to scream louder than the kids. She told the boy SHUT UP IM TRYING CONCENTRATE! Then turns tothe girl saying GIVE HIM THE TOY SO HE WILL STOP WHINING!! JUST GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS!!  Then grabs the toddler while he fights to take his sisters toy. Now, for all you Moms out there, what would you do in this scenario? How do you teach your kids to NOT WHINE? If you have the answer then post it here on the blog. If you want to know the answer email me at


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