One man team

Church is like a family, or like a team. You don’t pick the team, God places you in the team, I believe, according to the mission of that team. If your TEAMS mission is TURNING THE HEARTS OF FAMILIES, chances are He is wanting you to Turn YOUR Heart then, become that mission.  In a team, there must be a leader/Coach. This leader/Coach calls the shots, and the team follows. The team will keep trying new ways to win, to accomplish this MISSION. The team doesn’t always agree with the coach but they follow because they know if they stay united, anything is possible for them. Now, quitting the team to be on Gods team, is quitting Gods team. Your team is Gods team. He wants you to submit to the leader and make the dream work. Every other team you look at will be the same. The spirit of rebellion will cause you to see areas that are NOT ALL right and want to stand up against this as though YOU GOT IT ALL TOGETHER. It will make you want to leave or lead your own team since YOU know how GOD wants it done and you ALWAYS choose to follow Gods ways. But you must be chosen to lead/coach a team. If you cannot follow then you will never lead.  Imagine this in a Pro Basketball team, you are watching on TV and ONE player keeps calling TIME OUT questioning the Coaches calls or instructions, not wanting to follow the plans and meanwhile the team is trying to make it work and keep running the ball. They could win the game mistakes and all, but this player keeps stopping to focus on the errors, not his own of course, so he walks off, says he doesn’t have to be on this team, he will just quit and  follow the NBA instead…. makesnosense.


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