Single, but complete…

For the young lady who’s friends have had dozens of boyfriends already and can see couples all around her, was wondering when will a guy be interested in her..
I understand that at your age you are ready to go out and have fun and fall in love, it’s one of the many things girls look forward to doing! I would like for you to consider for a moment; a dozen boyfriends = a dozen heartbreaks. You have had none of either! So maybe rather than wondering WHY HASN’T A GUY LIKED YOU YET? Think of it this way GOD HAS BEEN PROTECTING YOU FROM ALL THE WRONG GUYS AND THE HEARTBREAK, so, when you meet the right guy, You will be free from any kind of drama and baggage from past hurts or betrayal. Having many boyfriends, sharing your heart so many different times and with so many different guys does not make you a better or wiser woman. If anything I believe with every relationship that ended in heartbreak, would have  stolen a part of your heart and part of your joy. So be your best you, be ready for who God has for you, and be thankful that you didn’t have to have your heart broken a dozen times to finally have the right one! 


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