The accuser…

An idol isn’t always a person. It could be a thing, a habit, a mentality, it could be your own flesh, it is anything that you surrender to, over God’s command in your life. A man could say he loves God and claim righteousness through Christ and slam it all over his Facebook and talk about God till he is blue in the face. He feels he is free from fault so he accuses his brothers and assumes they are ignorant and don’t read the Word, so he quotes verses then goes home and loses control and punches his wife in the face. He talks the Word but doesn’t walk in it. His idol is his temper and lack of self control. This is a man full of knowledge but lacks wisdom. He knows so much but won’t apply it to his own life. He goes around pointing fingers, finding fault in the men of God and questions their faith. He is examins the hearts of the children of God and their fruit, yet he has none of his own, but doesn’t notice that. He is a Pharisee. God commissioned us to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, baptize and make disciples. He never mentioned in His Word to examine and complain about other disciples flaws or faults or even go to the extreme of judging their actions or their hearts. 


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