This is a great topic. I always felt since we have been born with sin, as babies our sin is not yet evident, I look at it as SEEDS of sin and as the seed is watered by lifestyles of parents and what is allowed to come in and out of our eyes and ears it becomes the sin of its kind. As we grow, our sin is growing with us, it’s becoming part of who we are and what we will become as adults. Some of us the seeds have grown to become addictions, emotional problems, identity problems etc. Some kids were blessed to be introduced to Jesus and all the growing sinful seed is washed away, praise God! But some of us were not, until we become adults and that sin has roots that never end. After accepting Jesus as our Savior, the sin is washed away but the roots of that sin will continue to work against us to breakthrough again and again. For us FIRST GENERATION Christians, it’s a battle we fight daily. So every day we decide to live for Christ, we die to our flesh, pick up our cross and move towards that promise God has for us! Every day moving forward trusting God that the chains have been broken and our children will not know the pain that we know. When we breakthrough, the nation behind us breaks through! Praise God.


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