Dont waste your weakness..

It is in our weakness that God (in us) becomes strong. But far too many of us fail to stay humble before God, we fail to stay in the spirit to witness the strength and wisdom of God raise up within us. Instead in our weakest we give up and give in to the devil with anger and frustration and then we are in the flesh throwing things and yelling obscenities till we fall. Then we later ask God, where are you? Why didn’t you help me? God turns to us and says WELL YOU DIDN’T STICK AROUND (in the spirit) LONG ENOUGH TO LET ME HELP YOU.


One thought on “Dont waste your weakness..

  1. From The Pews says:


    I am so guilty of that 😕

    Prayer and Perseverance..what else.

    God Love You and thank you for sharing ♥

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