Preaching Jesus…

Preaching Jesus is not looking around and condemning those around you who sin. Nor is it looking at your brothers and sisters in Christ and pointing fingers at them as they fall into sin. No one is perfect, we all sin, so if you see someone you know committing sin, stealing or hating, or even if they are idolizing someone. If you are guilty of sin, why would you throw stones? You are equally guilty, maybe not of the exact sin but in Gods eyes all sin is the same. You cannot sit there and scream at your kids or beat your wife then take a stand and accuse others of sin and tell them how They should live. What is that? If you want to preach JESUS then do as Jesus did, WALK IN LOVE. If Jesus didn’t condem sinners why do you? If He DIED FOR THEM can’t you look the other way? To preach The Gospel is to walk in love, love everyone even those that are sinning no matter who they are, right? Praise God ! Blessings!!!


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