Kid out of control..

Do not get angry at your child. Is your young one talking back to you, snapping at you, walking away when you are trying to talk to him? Is your child talking about people and complaining all the time? Let me help you with that, first DO NOT GET MAD AT THEM. Second, go to your bathroom close the door stand in front of the mirror and say this to yourself. “I will not get angry at my kids, what I see in them is what they see in me, what I hear from them is what they hear from me. I WILL CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOR BY CHANGING MINE FIRST” Third, write down 5 things that annoy you the most and focus on those 5 things in yourself, listen to your words, be mindful of your expressions and correct those 5 things for 5 days and you will see your children follow you. Any questions email me at this address


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