Whatever happened to Balaam?

So what happened to Balaam? He was given an extraordinary privilege. But Balaam fell victim to his greed. A group of his people’s enemies, came and asked him to curse his own people and they would pay him handsomely.God spoke to Balaam and said “Don’t do it”. So Balaam said “I’m sorry I cannot disobey God.”  This happened three times, each time they offered him more money. God could see Balaam  wanted to go but said “he can’t” so God told him to go. Balaam got what he wanted, but gave the appearance of being clean. Sometimes we hear a Word from the Lord through a leader or a Pastor. We dont like what we heard so, we verbally consent to it but not COMPLETELY, not in our heart. So, we try to get another word, maybe we will pray first and fast! Yes, then maybe God will show us something different! Something WE would like better.How often, in our lives and in our homes are we determined to do it our way rather than God’s way. We find in the end that we squandered God’s blessing by selling ourselves to lesser causes.  If you are determined to do it your way, God will step aside and second your motion. So what happened to Balaam? Balaam by opposing God in his heart perished in his wickedness. He was killed with the sword just as God commanded Moses in Numbers 31;8.


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