If you are a single parent….

If you are a single parent you would be wise to recognize that your youth/ young adult needs a spiritual Mom/Dad. Your child needs spiritual guidance from the MISSING parent. If you think that YOU are all they need, you are fooling yourself at your child’s expense! If you are a single mom find a Dad at church that has great skills and you love how he handles his own family. Ask him (and his wife) if he would agree to be a mentor to your child. If you are a single Dad, find a Mom that you know has wisdom and insight on raising teens, and ask her. Then tell your child this is his designated prearranged Spiritual dad/mom. If you ever need advice you can ask them, they will be expecting you to. Pick a great parent and don’t be afraid to ask them. I’m sure they would be honored to help. Everyone needs to talk to someone. You would be doing a huge favor for your child!


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