Aww Romeo…

If the girl is not responding to your long hugs or big smile, don’t assume she’s not interested. If the girl doesn’t answer your text or calls don’t think she is a snob. If she isn’t following you around and flirting with you, don’t think it’s because she isn’t attracted to you. There is one of three reasons why this is happening. ONE she is too shy to respond. TWO she is a PRINCESS and is giving it time to see how determined you really are! A PRINCESS will wait for her PRINCE to prove his love and boldly confess his love to her. THREE she is watching you and notices that your behavior is a typical pattern with other girls, so she will never take your intentions seriously. So Romeo, examine your behavior and your motives because girls are smarter than you think, and if it’s a PRINCESS that you are after? Better make the changes needed to become a Prince, because no Princess will settle for a Romeo!


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