Is she valuable???

Young man don’t take an attitude because your girlfriends parents don’t let her get into your car with you alone. In fact you should be happy that they don’t let her go with you. Because if she is allowed to go with you then that means she has been allowed to go with others before you. Her parents are not unreasonable, they are simply protecting what is valuable to them. Tell me, would you be willing to hand over your ATM card to just anyone? Of course not, your life savings is in that account right? You worked very hard for your money and it is valuable to you. You see we PROTECT the things that are of great VALUE to us. So, if you can’t take your girl out without a chaperone then that must mean that she is very VALUABLE. So be patient and thankful that there are restrictions. On the other hand if she is free to go with you alone and no one is setting rules, then maybe you should rethink putting her in your car…..


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