Valentines Day..

If you want to tell her you love her, say it in her language! First find out what her Love Language is. It could be any one of these; Acts of service, Quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch or Gifts. If its Acts of service, make her a card or write her a poem or a love letter. You can even cut out a heart write ILOVEU on it and hand it to her. Anything that involves WORK, more than buying a card and candy, she will LOVE IT! If she is a Quality time person, SPEND TIME WITH HER, talk to her, give her candy and sit there and eat it with her. If she is a Pysical touch person (be careful) Hold her hand while you hand her the gift, touch her face when you tell her you love her! Hug her tight for longer than ten seconds! If she is a Words of affirmation person, tell her she is beautiful, tell her why and what you love most about her. When you give her a card READ IT OUT LOUD TO HER! haha and last but not least, if she is a Gifts person, any gift will do! It doesnt have to be big or expensive at all. Just GIVING HER SOMETHING, even picking a flower for her tells her that you love her. If you don’t know her Love language, ask her close friend or her Mom, Moms always know. You can also figure it out by observing her in how she expresses love. Now, if you are AFRAID to tell her you love her, thats ok, but do it anyway. Dont be controled by your fears. Be afraid but do it anyway! Have fun!


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