My soul mate…

Whenever she is around…you find yourself looking for her. Even though you know her….sometimes you don’t feel 100% comfortable walking right up to her to talk to her. You usually feel confident to talk to girls…but with her for some reason you are hesitant at first and find yourself looking for the perfect moment. Then it’s awesome once you are talking but someone always comes to interrupt. You are talking with your friends….but you find yourself listening to her conversation instead. You try not to think about her and then when you least expect it….there she is again. For some reason you treat her different than all the other girls you know. Its sometimes seems she knows that you secretly like her and she secretly likes you too. Then other days it seems there is no secret after all. It’s like you have this secret understanding ….but then not really. You are afraid to just tell her how you feel because you are not sure if she feels the same way. You have an intuitive feeling that this relationship was predestined. Upon meeting, you just knew you would be together. That is your soul mate…..


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