Comparison will steal your joy..

If you compare yourself to another girl, chances are she is doing the same, comparing herself to you. We all at times are so busy worrying about how we measure up that we lose out on being ourselves, and we aren’t able to enjoy who we were made to be. The enemy of your life wants you to do this because he knows it leads to feelings of inferiority, insecurity, anxiety, frustration, discontentment, and so on. His goal is to get you to hate yourself. So he sends you negative thoughts when comparing yourself to others. His objective is to get you so down on yourself that you might become depressed and not enjoy your life and become who it is you are destined to become. His goal is that you hate yourself as much as he hates you. If you can understand this plan of his, you can break free from this. There are many, many beautiful girls in the world. Some are tall, some short, some thin, some thick. Some have dark hair, light hair, short hair or long hair. There are different kinds of beautiful! You are one of them. Look at it this way, there is a group of beautiful girls all different kinds of beautiful, YOU are in that group. You may not have long hair and green eyes, you have long brown hair and HUGE brown eyes and you should look at the girl next to you and say “wow she is real beautiful, well, I am too, I don’t look just like her, but I am beautiful too with my own look” All of us are beautiful, there isn’t one more than the other. So, what should you do? When you see a beautiful girl and before those ugly negative thought even begin to enter your mind, stop and say “Wow she is so beautiful, like me  , only she is a different beautiful” and then stop looking. I love all you beautiful girls…


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