So im watching the kids line up to enter the library at school. There are 4 lines and each line has around 15 kids. The children are instructed to be still, to be quiet, and be patient. All of them feel they have a special purpose for their visit today. Each one feels excited so they follow the instructions given. As i am observing these children i cant help but to notice one little girl who cant seem to keep still. She keeps looking to the right then to the left. Then she turns around to see how many are behind her and then leans forward to see how many are ahead of her. She then begins to jump up and down because she is tired of waiting and then gets out of line to try to cut the line. She seems impatient and wants to get in sooner than later. So she is pushed to the back of the line because she wasnt able to cut and then lost her place. So for five minutes she was like a ball bouncing around from line to line. She didnt consider that the other kids were anxious to get in too. She was just focused on HER plan and what she was wanting to do. So the lines began moving and each time one line entered she tried to jump into that line and was told by the attendent to go to the end. So after all the lines were allowed entry she was the last to enter. She didnt get to do what she had planned because the equipment was now reserved by other children. So as i see this i begin to ask myself; is this what we do? Is this how we act while we are in line in life? Are we jumping around trying to cut? Or are we obeying what we are told? Are we being still, being quiet, and patient???


2 thoughts on “waiting..

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