You cannot lead those who are not willing to follow. How do you know that they are not with you? Well, you tell them the something and they agree with you by their words but not in their heart.Then when you turn around and move forward they stay back and jump from person to person asking for another word regarding the same matter. Because in their heart they were not satisfied with what you have given to them. They dont trust you or what you have said. So they are bouncing around and then because they have not kept up with you they become even more disconnected from you and then begin to tell others that they are not sure they are being lead by they right person. When they in fact are seperated because they are not following. They are moving with you forward but bouncing all around like a ball with no direction. So when you turn back around to check on them you dont see them. So you have to backtrack and find them tangled up and confused about you being the “right” one for them to follow. When in fact they have not been following 100% to see any results. These people are like the waves in the see who are tossed in different directions depending on what direction the wind is blowing. They cannot follow even the greatest of leaders because their heart is full of pride. They think they know better than what their leader tells them so they dont accept it in their heart. These people will jump from leader to leader and will wear them out. These people will never be able to lead anyone because they have not mastered being lead. Be wise and see with your heart not just your eyes! When you see this let them go…move on there are other people who are following….


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