BE A WOMAN A MAN NEEDS. Now a great man will not be attracted to a needy woman. A needy woman is immature always lookin for a man. The wrong man will be looking for the needy woman. She is easy to control and use. Be the woman who is strong and confident. A woman who is mature and bold. A woman that every great man wants to partner up with because she will complete him.A woman will multiply what she is. So if she is needy now, imagine her ten yrs from now she will be a mess because a needy woman is never satisfied.But if she is a strong confident woman now, imagine her ten yrs from now she will be a prize to you because she will help you to succeed! And she will raise children as she is. Wow i would start lookin now men. These woman are hard to find these days…..Girls beware of the “users” out there looking for “needy” women to control and use. If they see you are always fb guy friends always trying to start convo with the guys. They will pick up that you are bored and needy. So b careful. Check out the guy before you talk to him. Check his friends, if he has hundreds of girls as friends and they look needy by the pics they have. He may be a user. Be careful girls.


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