To parents who love their children.

Dear Parents, please don’t humiliate your children by telling me about your child’s mistakes while they are right there standing nearby and can hear you. I am sure they feel bad enough already without you having to put them on blast. They are only human like us and don’t need to be exposed this way. How would you like it if your kid told me about how you didn’t pay your bill so your lights got shut off, or how you cut off a driver because you have road rage? Oh my, that would be so embarrassing! But yet this is what you do to them. No one needs to know of their mistakes, show your children you love them by covering them. Talk about them in a way to make them sound even better than they are! Your child needs to know that YOU see them as a great kid. This will actually encourage them to do better and want to make you proud! I know this isn’t the way we were treated growing up… but let’s try to do things better shall we? Let’s see how we can make this next generation more confident and strong!


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