Everyone has been raised by someone, who raised you? Who was the main influence in your life? In any case someone has deposited into us a little of themselves and the rest is a combination of what we have witnessed and heard our entire childhood through our teens and into adulthood.  We are indeed a combination of experiences of life all bunched into one mind and one heart. This combination has influenced our thoughts our emotions and our will. This is how we have become who we are today.

I need a Mom was born on August 2011; its purpose is to help people who are in need of a positive and inspiring influence. It is a place designed for people of any age, from any background, to find a Mom they can talk to. I’ve come to learn that in every heart there’s a need for acceptance, encouragement and inspiration to dream and to be our best. When I was a child I looked up to my Mother for this, I needed her to believe in me, to cheer for me and help me feel that I could do anything! I needed my Mom to show me how to love, to be a gentle and kind woman, how to speak positive and see the best in people, to be a woman of virtue and integrity. I needed to see it in her and feel it from her. There is so much that we need from our Mom, there is so much to learn and become.

I created this organization to provide that Mom and provide that positive influence, those kind words that are so needed by those beautiful hearts who never heard them, or who lost their Mom and miss hearing them. Some have no idea what it’s like to feel understood or to hear loving words spoken.

All of our communication is done via email, our Moms cannot hug you, visit you or take you shopping, but they can encourage you and listen to you. They can give you a perspective from a Mom’s point of view. Our Moms cannot change what anyone has gone through in their past, they cannot erase what has been done, but they can help you to look forward and to make a change for a brighter future. They can be there to give you guidance and support in a situation where you feel stuck; they can inspire you, cheer for you and pray for you.

I need a Mom has been serving people for four years. The emails range from a teen girl needing help to pick out her prom dress because she lost her Mom 5 yrs ago, a teen with questions on dating, young Moms overwhelmed with new babies, women needing advice on marriage, and others just wanting to know there is a Mom there praying for them daily.  Not one email is the same, everyone has a unique story yet they all have one thing in common, they all need a Mom. A Mom’s influence is something we all need, at every age.

I hope you enjoy your experience with I Need A Mom. If you are interested in signing up to be connected with a Mom, feel free to send me an email to ineedamom@rocketmail.com please include a short description of your story, there is never a fee required. I encourage you also to sign up to follow my blog and daily posts will be sent to your email automatically.

You can email me directly to ineedamom@rocketmail.com



God Bless you!

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